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Fight against a friend in this fast-paced arena brawler where environment is the weapon. Use it to gain advantage and kill your enemy. Throw him into the abyss, drown him in a lava pool, burn him using flamethrowers or make sure he gets close personal with those flying fireballs! It doesn't matter. Do what you have to win!

Game made during a 48 hours game jam by:

Katarzyna Kubicz (Art)

Kacper Kowalczuk (Programming)


Left Stick - Movement

Left Face Button - Attack

Right Face Button - Activate Fury

Top Face Button - Hold to prepare stun, release to use

Right Trigger - Cancel stun

AuthorsOgniok, perishock
Tagsarena, brawler, Local multiplayer, Low-poly
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


Floatlands.zip 75 MB

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