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You've just killed a man. Who you gonna call? The Cleaner! The Cleaner is an action packed fast arcade game where you have to clean up crime scenes from the 90s before the police arrives. Work for criminals, mafiosos and oridnary guys. Hide bodies, wash bedsheets and blow up stuff to leave no evidence. Do you have what it takes to be the Cleaner? Find out now! Call 1-800-DOWNLOAD-THE-GAME-NOW

Created by:
Michał Antkiewicz (Art)
Marek Derkowski (Art)
Krzysztof Heldt (Programming)
Daniel Kończyk (Art)
Kacper Kowalczuk (Programming)
Katarzyna Kubicz (Art)

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Published 1 year ago
TagsAction, Arcade, cleaning, Voxel


TheCleaner.zip (100 MB)


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Thanks for explaining how to swipe the floor (ALT+mousemovement)! This is quite fun!

Heh, so many pop references...

I love it but I have no idea how to clean blood! :(

Hold Left Alt when having the mop equipped and move your mouse around the screen.